OLA Program


The ABVLM Board has implemented an Online Learning & Assessment (OLA) program for all diplomates, which started August 1, 2018. This program replaces the requirement for an every 10-year recertification exam. It has also been referred to as ABVLM's "MOC 2.0" program.

What is an "OLA" Program? How will it work?

Online Learning & Assessment, which has been introduced by several ABMS Boards (anesthesiology, radiology, and others) to overwhelming diplomate satisfaction, provides the opportunity for diplomates to continuously learn and demonstrate proficiencies to provide better patient care.

The ABVLM OLA program sends a monthly email message that links to 4 "exam style" multiple-choice questions. When a diplomate is ready to "take the questions," he or she will link to a secure server, login, and have 60 seconds to answer each question. (All 4 items need not be taken at the same time.)

The Secure Server for ABVLM Diplomates to access their month OLA items is: https://abvlm.selfstudy.plus, noting that the login credentials for OLA may be different from the login credentials on this site. There is a Forgot Password option there.

The diplomate will be presented with the correct answer immediately after each response, along with an explanation of the item, and references to additional material.

Diplomates will have 30 days to open and take the 4 multiple-choice questions and can revisit old questions. There is nothing to study, per se, and the only "grading" is participation.

Please link here for a OLA Quick Reference Guide (which shows you how to use the intuitive system).

Correct Email Address on file is critical

All diplomates are sent a Contact Update Sheet with their Annual MOC billing. Please review and verify. Also, in February through June of 2018, verification emails were sent to all diplomates so they could actively verify their email address, or provide one to which they want OLA items sent.

The bulk of program information will be disseminated via email, as will the OLA items.

Is the OLA a "graded" activity?

The Board is looking into psychometric models for scoring the OLA items. At the present time, diplomates will be graded based on participation, which may change in the near future.

Is the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program being discontinued?

No. The "regular" MOC program that requires an average of 10 hours of VLM CME per year (in 2- or 3-year windows) will continue. The OLA Program is part of the MOC Program, and it replaces the 10-year recertification exam. All current diplomates*, regardless of when they certified, are required to start this valuable educational program on August 1, 2018. (*Diplomates certified in 2018 of after will start the program in January following the completion of their certification process.)

What if I don't respond or participate?

We anticipate that even the busiest of physicians can commit 5 minutes per month to maintain their ongoing VLM certification, especially due to the valuable learning opportunity. However, diplomates who are delinquent on the OLA Program will be reminded, and if they remain non-compliant they will be flagged as not participating in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and risk non-renewal of their certification at the end of their current certification cycle.

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